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English: How can I have this Living Water?
Русский: Как мне получить эту Живую Воду?


[] The entire pattern is now available in Russian (2008).

[] The block layout became available in the Zulu language (2007).

[] The pattern became available in English and Spanish (2005).

[] The pattern is available in PDF format for download and printing.

[] July 2008 - Woman at the Well patterns and packets sent to Uganda's Lake Victoria with Kathy's daughter-in-law Jordie and son Dan.

[] 400 patterns and packets (10,000 fabric elements) were prepared by Kathy's church and shipped to Ukraine for the November 2008 introduction of the Woman at the Well in the Crimea area of Ukraine.

[] May 2009 Kathy shares the Ukraine mission with the Portland, OR Koinonia Women

[] January 2012 Kathy's sister-in-law Cynthia takes the project to Japan's tsunami-ravaged Fukushima region as part of rebuilding women's lives through the companionship of quilting.