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English: How can I have this Living Water?
Русский: Как мне получить эту Живую Воду?


This small book contains John's personal account of the greatest event in all of history, that of God Himself coming to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. In chapter 4 we find the full account of the Woman at the Well.

The Living Water Quilt Project gives this book to participants in the Woman at the Well quilt classes as part of the pattern packet. It is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and French. It may be ordered free of charge from:
The Living Water Project
P.O. Box 2
Glide, OR 97443

Note for bulk ordering: Shipping is to US locations only and we at Living Water Quilt encourage you to donate at least $0.25/copy to their publication project (which is separate from the Living Water Quilt Project).